Leather stamp tools

Dear customers,

Welcome to our online shop where we offer a range of tools for leatherworkers!

My name is Sergey Neskromniy and I am the owner. I graduated from Almaty Art University in 1992 in Graphic Design and have been working in this industry since.  Designing trademarks and logos is my specialty and I use relief blocks, engraving and printing blocks a lot in my work. Later I took a great interest in leather tooling so I learned the process and dedicated 10 years of my life working with leather and making leather stamps for myself using my own designs.

In 2013 I moved to Bulgaria and started stamp production.

Right now we have a huge assortment (few hundreds) stamps made of brass and stainless steel. Unlike most manufacturers our stamps are made with a CNC machine rather than using casting and moulding. You are always guaranteed to receive an original item and not a copy made of another copy. Stamps cut with a CNC machine have razor sharp prints down to tiniest detail and your work will always look professional.

Brass stamps have non-detachable handles made of stainless steel and stainless steel stamps are solid.

Our stamps are designed for vegetable tanned leather 2mm thick or heavier (leather should be cased prior to stamping) but can be used on chrome leather if heated (hot stamping). 

Stamps are not responding well to dropping on or hitting hard surfaces so good care should be taken in this matter. We use bubble wrap and pack well for protection during shipping.

We have a lot of different varieties in our shop from background stamps to border to basket wave stamps. We have snake and dragon scale imitation stamps (e.g. #62 or #67), we have “halves” and “quarters” of stamps to complete the edges of the design made with main stamps (e.g. #146 or #177).  We are proud of our 3D stamps with people, animals and birds images (e.g. horse, wild boar, eagle, etc.).  We designed corner and central piece elements for border stamps and also left and right oriented border stamps so your work looks unique and very flowing and eye pleasant (e.g. #60 or #115).

We developed special type of geometrical patterned stamps where each print “clings” to the corners or other areas of the next print to create the pattern flawless and tidy and cuts your time and effort in half (e.g. #86B-4,  #128-4 or #72).


I am a leatherworker with great experience with stamps so most our designs are unique and created here, in our studio workshop. Not all the designs end up in production; they are tested and evaluated first and some get discarded if not proved to be a good working tool.


We also manufacture other tools and hardware. We make embossing wheels, swivel knives, buckles and many other items for leatherwork. Buckles are made of jeweller bronze using casting.

We make adapters for soldering tools and wooden handles for hot embossing stamps.

We make swivel knives with your name on it and maker marks with your design.

If you can’t find what you are looking for we always take custom orders.


As of today we are a fully functional manufacturing company with a park of CNC machines and very well trained professional stuff working hard to complete your order to the highest standards.


Thank you!


Sergey Neskromniy