Book Binding Brass Wheel BW54 w-6mm, d-38mm
  • Book Binding Brass Wheel BW54 w-6mm, d-38mm
  • Book Binding Brass Wheel BW54 w-6mm, d-38mm
  • Book Binding Brass Wheel BW54 w-6mm, d-38mm
  • Book Binding Brass Wheel BW54 w-6mm, d-38mm

Book Binding Brass Wheel BW54 w-6mm, d-38mm


• Tool for leatherworking made by CNC method
• Materials: brass, stainless steel
• Shipping to worldwide



All our stamps are made of brass and have permanently attached stainless steel handles. The designs are unique, created by Sergey Neskromnyy in our studio in Bulgaria.  The prints are very sharp and clean, every single stamp is cut using CNC machine.

The stamps are primarily made for using on vegetable tanned leather. We recommend leather thickness of 2,2mm for the best results but if you must use lighter leather please place an extra piece of leather underneath for smoother prints.

You can also use our stamps on chrome leather but you will have to heat a stamp up (watch the hot handle!).

We make different sizes; please see the photos and descriptions of each individual item for details. If you need a stamp with particular measurements please contact us.


Shipping information:

We have fixed shipping prices which do not depend on quantity of stamps in your order.

Standard shipping by National post:

USA – 17$ (shipping time 3-5 weeks)

Australia – 25$ (shipping time 3-5 weeks)

Europe union – 12$ (shipping time 1-2 weeks)

Other countries  – 14$ (shipping time 2-5 weeks)

Express shipping by DHL:

USA – 27$

Australia - 35$

Europe union – 22$

Other countries – 24$

Canada – 29$

We have processing time 5 days and we dispatch your order on the fifth day after your payment is cleared. You will receive a tracking number when the order is shipped.


Custom stamps:

We accept custom orders for stamps and logos/makers marks with your design.

We would ask you to provide us following information:

-          Picture or vector file of your design including fonts if used.

-          Exact dimensions needed.


Custom stamps and logos are priced starting at 30$ depending on size. We also charge for processing your files in order to prepare them for cutting, prices start at 5$ depending on complicity of your design.

If you have any questions or special requests please contact us and we will make you happy!